Sunday School

The Sunday School at the 11 a.m. service at St. John's Church, as it is presently practised, started some twenty years ago. Since that time it has grown in numbers and strength. Children depend mainly on parents to bring them, as many families live a distance from the Church. A few join because of invitations from children in choirs or other church activities. There are a total of 60 students enrolled, 20 to 40 attending most Sundays. Their ages range from infancy to early teen years.

The Sunday School is organized and managed by Damaris Martin. There are a number of volunteer teachers, with more assistance being welcomed at any time.

The curriculum used is "Godly Play" which is a very interactive, creative and engaging way of engaging people of any age in the stories and narratives of the Bible.  Storytellers tell a particular bible story, and participants are invited to respond with a time of reflection.  The bible stories told follow the liturgical calendar and the time together is intentionally designed to reflect the structure of worship.

Sunday School classes are held in Thompson Hall from 11:00 a.m. to noon during the Sunday 11:00 worship service.

Very young children enter the Sunday School area upon arriving at church. Older children sit with parents to participate in the early parts of the worship service. They then join the younger children downstairs for teaching, prayers, songs, and snacks.

All children present in the Sunday School go as a group to a communion service. Those who have been confirmed receive communion, as do unconfirmed children when parents request it. All children join the congregation to receive a blessing from the Rector.

The Sunday School provides family support in times of crisis. The school has helped other Sunday Schools in the region, and in other parts of Canada, Cuba, Guatemala, and Uganda. Short-term church mission trips have sometimes included members of the Sunday School.